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Eid Mubarak 1435 H

Hello everyone, how is everything going? Hope all is well and everything’s good.

If you celebrate Eid then have a nice holiday and enjoy the moments you share with family and friends :) and may Allah grant us forgiveness :)

Aaaaah, so, speaking about Eid celebration, am pretty happy with this one. Oh yes, everything was good. I was mistaken for thinking that this Eid wouldn’t be a good one and would just be like the previous two years. But, nope, this year’s celebration is definitely will be the one that I memorize.

So many thing I would like to write, but, let’s wait until finally I’m ready to transfer everything from my memory to some beautifully written post :p

But for now let me give you some teaser :p

My little cousin :3

My not-so-little-anymore cousins

Teletubbies :3

Aaaaand… I will upload more soon!